Salvation Is Created – Pavel Tschesnokoff

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4 thoughts on “Salvation Is Created – Pavel Tschesnokoff

  1. god, I want to know more. Is there some prior knowledge to writing music that I should know? I mean, I’m thinking this must be divinely inspired. Yet, he was able to get it all down on paper for the world to hear. I wonder if the ideas behind a salvation created were new back then or was he simply putting to music some common place idea.
    In any event, I can research this on my own; but thanks, thanks for, although you may not know it, furthering my on little investigation into what can save us. Peace and God’s blessings, David

  2. Good questions. I’m thinking that the ideas might not have been new, but he was writing during some tough times in the Soviet era. From what I’ve read, this was the last piece (or one of the last pieces) of church music he wrote. I’d guess that all of what was going on at the time influenced the creation of this piece, and we certainly reap the benefit as we have this wonderful piece that we can still enjoy a hundred years later.

    It’s hard to answer your question about prior knowledge and writing music. Certainly there have been people who are able to write music without having any formal music training or putting anything down on paper. I’d argue that it helps to have at least some basic musical knowledge (notes, rhythms, key signatures, etc.), but it isn’t absolutely necessary. Does that answer your question at all? If not, please feel free to write again.

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